In our daily life, we seldom have to carry a bulky or a luxury bag; this is where a beautiful and stylish all over print tote bag comes in place, with its lightweight, elegant design and its simple function tote bag will satisfy your needs.

10 Awesome things to do with your all over print tote bag 

  • Use it as a beach tote:
  • Are you heading to the beach? No problem! Put your sunscreen, flip-flops, beach towels, sunglasses, and drinks. Btw... Don’t forget your cute sand toys too.
        Abstra all over print tote bag beach
          • Use it as workout clothes tote:
          • Time for a daily workout? How about bringing your light tote instead of the big duffel bag to the gym? Put your workout clothes, protein bars and water inside the spirit tote bag, then you are ready to go!.
            Abstra all over print tote bag gym
              • Carry your books in it:
              • Planning to spend a relaxed afternoon in a cozy café at the weekend? Use your tote to carry your favorite book, a little notebook, your phone, and purse. Enjoy!
              Abstra all over print tote bag books
                • Use it in a crowded or unsafe place:
                • If you are planning a vacation to a beautiful place but worried in a situation where you feel threatened or hazardous because of pickpockets and thieves. Use and hold your tote bag tightly to avoid a destroyed vacation.
                  Abstra all over print tote bag crowded
                  • Carry your files and work documents:
                  • Are you a hard-working lawyer's assistant? Perhaps you work as a secretary? Too many files to carry and deliver all the time? No problem! Tote bag got your back, just put them in it and head to the next destination.
                    Abstra all over print tote bag documents
                    • Use them as yoga/dancing bags:
                    • Time for your dancing class? But what about your shoes, clothes and everything else? You got it! Use your tote to carry in your leotards, yoga clothes, and dancing shoes.
                      Abstra all over print tote bag dance
                      • Pack a picnic lunch:
                      • A happy and enjoyable picnic is always a relaxing experience, use your tote to pack your fruits, vegetable, sandwiches and your drinks.
                        Abstra all over print tote bag picnic
                        • Use it as overnight bags:
                        • Are you planning on staying over at friend house? A hotel? Use your tote to carry your makeup kit, hair smoothing machine, shoes and your extra clothing.
                          Abstra all over print tote bag overnight
                          • Give it as a gift:
                          • Wondering what to give your GF/BF/BFF as a birthday gift? Shoot! Are you out of time to think about your Valentine gift? Think again, a beautiful tote bag would be an excellent gift for sure.
                          Abstra all over print tote bag gift
                          • Take it for a walk:
                          • Whenever you want to go out for a short walk or meeting your casual friends, being light, relaxed and stylish is the way to go.

                          Abstra all over print tote bag walking

                          Do you use your tote bag for different tasks? Leave your comment below; our audience would love to hear your story and experience.