Fashion shows, celebrities, and artists have always been inspirations for new trends and styles; some designers work appears neutral and familiar while extraordinary designers will push their style and visual expression to the next level. In this article, we will share with you a list of 10 types of unique and inspiring fashion styles that might be eye-catching to you.


1 / Bohemian Fashion Style

Inspired by gypsy and hippie look, the bohemian look would be described as similar to an artsy or exotic look. Influenced by the use of pattern repetition and fascinating textures, the main essessence of this style is to be free and flowy.

2 / Exotic Fashion Style

For people who like to be noticed and become eye-catching then exotic fashion is the way to go. This type of fashion is all about colors, style and proportions exaggeration. It’s designed to look bold, mysterious, and visually attractive. The exotic style is combined with vibrant colors and intricate embroidery, charming prints and standout jewelry.

3 / Artsy Fashion Style

An artsy style is created by and for visually creative people such as designers, and artists who are passionate to express the state of their emotion and taste through their fashion. The primary goal is to be everything but the norms.

4 / Vibrant Fashion Style

There is nothing as much beautiful as the beauty of colors combinations, harmony, and contrast. You just can not miss the chance to look at a lady as vibrant as a colorful butterfly, energetic and intense. It features garments with wild patterns and exaggerated embroidery as well as asymmetrical designs and colors.

5 / Rocker Fashion Style

If you like ripped jeans, vintage T-Shirts, and leather jackets, then you might be a rocker style. Black is the dominant color with some variation of a black and white contrast. This style is typically depended heavily on the style of the music brand that influences its followers.

6 / Gothic Fashion Style

Dark and pale in color, rich in Victorian patterns and exotic accessories such as chains and spike, black hair to black lips, black shirts to black boots, it's definitely for people who like to look mysterious and represent the image of death.

7 / Chic Fashion Style

Being Chic is being fashionable, looking sleek and modern. Chic style tends to favor a monochromatic color pallet such black, white, and neutrals with smooth, clean lines saving color for a bold contrasty statement such accessory or a bright lipstick.

8 / Casual Fashion Style

Casual is about being comfortable and elegant at the same time. Wearing a soft T-Shirt with jeans, black or white pants, sport or comfortable shoe with simple accessories such as shoulder tote or handbag. She just wants to feel simple, light and comfortable.

9 / Girl Next Door Fashion Style

Being adorable and cute is the essence of this fashion style. Simple striped tees and a flat pair of shoe would do the job. It's not about the hottest trend and more about being casual and sweet.

10 / Sporty Fashion Style

Sporty put it merely is just being sporty, runner shoes, tight runner pants, and basic tees, color pallet tend to be more neutral such as black, white and grey with some vibrant color accents such as red, green or pink. This style represents the spirit and image of being healthy and active.

Tell us what is your favorite style or share your idea about different styles and looks.