7 Types of Fashion Styles Every Stylish Person Should Learn About.

by Abstra Styleon February 05, 2018

Bohemian Fashion Style
(Live Free)

Bohemian is not a fashion style but a lifestyle that is amalgamated with a carefree attitude and a sense of self-pride. The gypsy women of the early 19th century might not have imagined in their wildest dreams that their plain clothing and simple lifestyle could lay down the foundation of such a notorious style that would grace the biggest and extravagant fashion weeks and red carpets of the most majestic events.

Dig for the Roots of Fashion Freedom
Talk about resistance and saying NO to the orthodox standard and you’re halfway into the bohemianism. After the French revolution, driven by poverty, a small community challenged the Victorian social norms by their living style.

Starting from Jane Morris, in the early 19th century, the bohemian style went through exemplary evolutionary phases but retained its identity as one of the most seditious styles that challenged the cultural norms and strict dress code for women of every society around the globe.

Boho has its own spirit.  It’s a blend of flirtatiousness and liberty of soul, and without a doubt, the fashion for the FREE SPIRITS.


True bohemian doesn’t hoot for fashion, but it’s the style that wins every single stare. 
Isabelle Marant is probably the most enthusiastic boho chic style designer of this era. Boho amplifies daring appearances easily blended with bobbed hair and metallic jewelry.

Dominant colors

Bohemians affiliation with earthy colors such as brown, beige, orange, dark greens and reds is quite evident. However, we can chant white as the official Bohemian shade. It’s hardly surprising since Boho is all about natural fabrics and natural shades. (No Neon consequently)


Boho Chic – Pay Attention to Patterns

The free spirits love nature, but they also adore checks, ethnic-inspired prints, electric hints, and avant-garde. Tassels is another Boho signature found in jewelry, tunics, pants, skirts, scarves, and what not! Crochet is the most adored medium; however, distressed denim, leather, fur, and lace are also equally popular.


Shapes of Boho Style

The free spirits have tried everything from geometrical shapes to mosaic and checks. They have ruled out any specific shapes in their dressing code and have adopted all shapes in their very own unique style.


Perfect Boho Style and When to Wear It

How to assume a perfect bohemian fashion style look? The answer is not that simple because the bohemian style isn’t just the clothing. You need to upgrade your attitude, mental strength and ability to embrace your simplicity. Only then you can be a proud member of the bohemian tribe.

Layering is the key to wearing Boho, especially in jewelry. Wear oversized tops with skinny jeans or ankle boots or show up in a full crochet white loose shirt with shorts. Always keep an eye on proportions.


Boho is a very casual yet very classy and daring style. It’s best for get-togethers, beach parties and of course daily life. But, can you show up at a wedding reception in your bohemian getup?

Well… NO, particularly if you’re a young devotee. As a newcomer to the tribe, avoid carrying boho into formals if your inner rebel is still reluctant to break free. 
Did you ever wear Boho to a wedding? Do tell us how it went?

Vibrant Fashion Style

Vibrant style boldly rejects sophistication and the reluctant approach of people towards colors. All those “look at me” girls are sure to become a member of this, probably the most lively and enthusiastic, fashion tribe. If colors are a symbol of life and playing with colors is art then believe me stylists are the true artists.

Be it Spring, Summer or Winter, the vibrant enthusiasts are never afraid of hitting the floor in some boldest hues and pulsating apparel.


Let’s dig out the first vibrant

According to the notorious fashion historians, our pre-1920 era is rather blurry and gloomy. Only after the late 1930s were the vibrant prints and florals available for the masses. Most believe that the introduction of sportswear, tourism development, and gigantic advances in the textile industry are the reasons for the spread of vibrant style.


Since then every big brand has brought magnificent additions to the vibrant fashion collection over the years. Look at this vintage Liberty Scarf and vibrant knitting bag from Mary Jane’s Tea Room.

Never Go Wrong With Colors

A vibrant chic uses her colorful attire to rule every gaze she meets. It’s the boldest and the most crafty fashion where you don’t need famous designers to provide you with a dream collection. Neon colors are a definite YES, and dull greys and light hues are in the minority.  Some dominant colors are:

Royal Indigo: Probably the brightest color in our collection; women have graced this color for a vibrancy fix from the royals to the ramp.



Tangy Tangerine: 
Classic orange with vibrant hues blended with black accessories is the thing you probably want to wear to evening parties.


Cool Turquoise:
It’s a color that brings an aquatic freshness to the ruffles.  Add this to your vibrant style and blow away the critics with a cool breeze.

Sizzling Chartreuse:

Can you actually imagine anything more vivacious than lime to wear for your beach visits or summer shopping adventures?


Let no Pattern Dominate your Vibrancy:

Vibrant patterns are inspired by color splashes in nature and everything sparkling. Tie, Dye is an absolute YES and quite an influential pattern. Lines, swivels, and zigzags look cool in colors. Floral patterns are quite abundant too, and for all you know, florals from the 60s are back in trend today.


Take your Geometry Lessons Now:

Geometric patterns, triangles, zigzags, and oblongs, in fact, any and all shapes are IN. The Afro-American designers have introduced the geometrical styles in the vibrant fashion that speaks a lot about their culture and their great love for their African heritage. African designers like Natacha Baco and De La Sebure have taken vibrant fashion to a new standard.


When and How to go vibrant?

Vibrant fashion is ruling almost all the avenues of professional and casual lifestyle. You can opt for any finely tailored vibrant jacket, coat or accessories with your professional attire and rock your office look. Full vibrancy is best for the vacation mode.


Afraid of the colors? Well let’s take baby steps, shall we? How about wearing a vibrant scarf or carrying a colorful tote to spice up your orthodox look.  Thinking to color up your wardrobe or are you still stuck with the neutrals?

Artsy Fashion Style
(Creativity at its Best)

Artsy Fashion is officially a THING now ever since the Fall/Winter collection 2017 saw some industry giants come up with their own interpretations of famous artwork. It’s a blissful union of art and fashion that gives birth to Artsy Fashion Style. The desire to break the norms makes fashion designers borrow from art the required inspiration to express their true inner self. 

Let’s Trace the Roots of the Artsty Style

It’s no wonder that Art and Fashion have been in cahoots for a long time. From the early nineteenth-century fashion designers like Elsa Schiaparelli (the famous lobster dress anyone?) to the fashion enthusiasts of today (Prada to Louis Vuitton, and Stella McCartney); Art and Fashion have resonated now like never before.   


Artsy Fartsy sensibility has descended through generations in the form of accessories like scarves, handbags, totes and virtually every other thing.  Some pieces are a shocking 1000 years old (Yup!)

Design Elements? – Gotta be Kiddin’ Me

Artsy Fashion doesn’t strive to delight you. It’s to shock you, amaze you, and inspire you. Fashion designers take inspiration from photographs, illustrations, drawings, mixed media, and digital art.

Dominant Colors for your Creative Style

Unlike other fashion inspirations, artsy fashion borrows its colors from the creative imagination of the artists. For instance, Gilles Larrain’s photo collection for the book ‘Idols’ has a splash of dark colors, and designer Jonathon Saunders did justice to the collection by using dark hues and vivid colors.


Dominated by Artsy Patterns

Artsy style follows the patterns dictated by famous art pieces and elements. For instance, celestial patterns are dominant in any fashion inspired by Van Gough paintings. 


For her Fall 2017 collection, Prada drew inspiration from the book covers designed by Robert E. McGinnis. Have a look at this classic tote bag.   

The most striking example is perhaps the collection of Stella McCartney inspired by George Stubbs’s single painting, A Horse Frightened by a Lion.


Dominant Shapes

Since artsy fashion mostly revolves around the art collection and masterpieces of the literary and graphical domain, artists mostly revolve around abstract shapes and figurative lines.


When To Wear Your Artsy Collection

Art inspired dresses and accessories are more suited for casual wear.  Wear it to college by all means or carry your creative attitude to places like museums, art shows, exhibitions, get together, or on a shopping spree with friends; now that’s a given, isn’t it?


Should you wear your shockinglyPicasso’ shirt to business or that glaring tote bag to work? Well, to be honest, it depends! 
While every workplace has its own dress code, formals should be kept just that - formal!

It’s the business casuals where your ‘artsies’ can really help you make your own statement - if chosen wisely.  For instance, have a look at these exquisite fashion items that are quite suitable.



If you’re reluctant, start by wearing a single artistic element and keep rest of your look simple.  My go-to items for getting that artsy fix are tote bags and scarves?  Tell us about you – What’s your artsy secret and how do you get your statement look? 

Chic Fashion Style
(It’s the Ultimate Elegance)

Of all the fashion types and trends, Chic Fashion Style is the classiest; the most sophisticated and detailed. Chic is not merely a fashion but a lifestyle reserved for women with the finest fashion sense that is indeed rare or rather, blessed.

If you like sophistication blended into an astonishing sense of fashion; you, my dear, are born a Chic. This is a hallmark trait of Chic Fashion Style. But keep in mind, Chic fashion is not just the wardrobe or the accessories; it’s the attitude you illustrate and the drift you adopt.

Let’s Surf the Chic History:

Chique is basically a French word meaning “elegance.” This word invaded the English language in early 1900’s, and since then it has been the ultimate standard of elegant fashion. When a woman incorporates class and elegance in her fashion sense, she fulfills the standard of a fashion diva or more renowned, the Chic.

Over the years, several wardrobes and accessory designers have shown us the glimpse of chic fashion in their collection. DKNY, DIOR, MK, DOLCE & GABBANA, CHANEL and all other big brands and designers have tried to redefine the Chic Fashion for today’s trendy girl.

These brands have modified the orthodox chic concept for the world through their wardrobe apparels, totes, scarves, sunglasses, statement jewelry and sparkling sneakers.


The Famous Chic Patterns: Are There Any?
Modern chic fashion is probably a blend of all possible patterns and schemes. Our modern chic can grace any day with the trademark jeans wardrobe or even by appearing at a scene in her graceful and elegant jumper suit. She is always on trend, and nowadays trend dictates florals, checks, and stripes.


What Colors Are Chic!

Chic fashion has shown big approval for all colors neutral.  Black is an absolute YES as the saying goes, ‘when in doubt, wear black.’  However, the true trick in adopting the perfect chic style is the way you carry it. A true Chic will stun the world with her plain black or white wardrobe. Other times she will astonish you with a blooming spring show of colors.

Hallmark Shapes in Chic Style

Chic Style likes to play with shapes and doesn’t cling to one or two specific shape trends. From geometrical shapes to abstracts, checks to florals, everything becomes chic with a spice of elegance and a touch of class.

When to Wear your Chic Fashion Style

Chic is a lifestyle, not just a fashion choice.  Thus, it’s a given that wherever you go, your chic style will accompany you because whatever you’ll wear, you’ll grace it with your elegance and perfection.

Be it your professional appearance or your planned hangout with besties, your natural taste and refined sense of style can earn you the title of being the definitive chic.


Chic Style is the eventual fashion tribe that is a blend of a very erudite combination selection. Why don’t we upgrade our fashion choices with elegance and finesse? What is your favorite combination of assuming the ultimate chic fashion style?

Define your Casual Fashion Style for Comfort

Casual Fashion Style is more about ‘You’ rather than the ‘statement’ you might want to make. Casual fashion is for those who like to live and flourish in their own world. With Casual Fashion Style, it’s not much about how you look but how you feel. It’s about keeping a wardrobe that provides you ease and relaxation.

Casual fashion is often regarded as the informal fashion style, but it has blended flawlessly with popular street styles, and the outcome is often flabbergasting.

Casual Style Invasion into The Fashion World

Casual fashion became popular during the 1970s. It was probably because of some music and media stars who showcased this potentially phenomenal style.  It was instantly adored and adopted by the public because it was not only economical but also comfortable and practical.


Instead of carrying velvet and extravagant chiffon and silk gowns, women fell in love with cheap yet dapper clothes like jeans, cotton skirts, and tees. In other words, casual style totally transformed the original fashion concept from something multifarious and imperial to unpretentious and economical.

Favourite Colors With Casual Style:

Unlike many other fashion styles, casual fashion is very selective in colors. Casual style usually likes it simple and in accordance with their daily needs. So instead of going for vibrant shades or very misty hues, they like to keep it moderate. 

Mainstream shades that can fulfill everyday professional and household demands are popular and desirable. Denim is the most popular fabric; black and blue may be regarded the official color of the tribe. Apart from that, matte shades of all colors are adored and styled with perfection.


Most Popular Pattern: Do We Have a Winner Here?

If you consider the fabric patterns, then the casual fashion has shown its unanimous vote for the denim because of the utility and practicality it offers. In fact, you can consider denim and tee as an official uniform of the casual tribe.

Casual fashion has no place for a formal tuxedo and royal gowns with heavy motifs and stonework. Casuals don’t like to go into complex patterns and combinations.  Instead, keep things very simple and ingenious. Apart from denim, cotton, fleece, polyester, and flannel are prominent choices too.


Shapes that Casual Fashion Adheres To

Stripes and checks are preferred and incorporated into the apparel on many occasions.  Casual wear likes statement tees but also gives space to floral prints and polka dots and many other concepts. They usually abstain from gigantic geometrical shapes especially if they plan to wear it as their professional attire too.


Do You Know When to be Casual and When Not?

It is a simple and convenient fashion style that never makes you wonder when to wear it and when not? The answer is simple.Casual style is appropriate for everywhere except for a formal party or get-togethers. It’s one incredible choice as your work apparel or if you’re a student. 

It also stays loyally by your side during your vacation adventures. However, trying denim with a loose cotton blouse for an extravagant wedding or award show will be the biggest absurdity.


Casual fashion gives you space to acknowledge your own self and desire before following any trend blindly. It’s for the people who love themselves and never want to engage their bodies in something tiring and suffocating. Do you actually love yourself enough to adopt this phenomenal fashion style?

The Girl-Next-Door Fashion Style
(Sweet and Fun)

Sweet, Cute, Approachable and Fun; this is the essence of the Girl-Next-Door Fashion Style. Alien to drama and glamour, the Girl-Next-Door has a natural vibe; she is a friend and an ally.

Sounds fun, right? Yes, but the Girl-Next-Door fashion style is all about showcasing a smart indifference and the way you dress and the accessories you carry need to show your nonchalance. Let’s tell you how to do the Girl-Next-Door right; how to be desirable yet indifferent, casual yet attractive.

When did the Girl-Next-Door become a Fashion Style?

Careful carelessness came into the fashion world in the early 1930s when celebrities most notably Karen Morley asserted her uniqueness through her choice of carefully selected clothing and accessories.  She believed in the “woman maketh the clothes” and made every effort to look original and consequently, unique. 


Dominant Colors for The Girl-Next-Door Look

For the Girl-Next-Door Look, think about being subtle and warm; however, neon shades are welcome.  Baby Pink and shades of Yellow especially canary yellow or gold are best for evenings and formals. Take care of the proportions of lighter and darker shades.  You may want to add a touch of darker shades through scarves, totes, or other accessories if you’re wearing neutrals.


The Girl Next Door Classic Patterns

Girl Next Door style responds well to anything with a retro nudge so you may wear anything from florals to geometric patterns like checks and polkas.  Abstracts also play along well with this fun style. Pair up with some cool contemporary glasses, leather bags or a straw cap, and you’ll all set.


Simple Shapes for The Girl Next Door

Classic prints like gingham, polka dots, and stripes make the best connection with this style because they have a timeless appeal to them. You need to look genuinely indifferent to your looks, and your prints need to show the simplicity of your life. 

How to get a Perfect Girl Next Door Look?

The best thing about the Girl-Next-Door look is that you can carry it for every occasion and every mood. For your day to day casual Girl-Next-Door avatar, wear a button-down shirt with denim or gingham shorts or choose from a wide range of knee-length dresses. 

If you want something sensual, wear a fitted sexy shirt with an oversized cardigan. Avoid full-length heavy gowns for the formals and choose frocks and dresses in warm, cozy colors instead. For cooler days, wear a large sweater with your favorite jeans or long boots before you venture out.


The key to the Girl-Next-Door Fashion style is proportions. You don’t want to look glitzy or chunky, and you don’t want a dulled down rag doll look as well.  Not just the outfit, choose your accessories wisely as well.  Wear a cute headband, a scarf, and some delicate jewelry.  Avoid designer labels and high heels. 

Remember! You’re the Girl Next Door. You don’t care two hoots about who wears what!
Now that you know what it takes to be the Girl Next Door, are you game for it?

Hitting Gym without Sporty Fashion Style?

Sporty Fashion Style is for the spirited people who adopt an active lifestyle with religious fervor. In this era of revolution and evolution, where every unorthodox trend has been declared orthodox, and every inexplicable drift is adopted with pride.

the fashion world has also tried some odd styles that became popular overnight. 
Sporty Fashion Style is one of those hits. Sporty is for all those people who want to adopt affordable yet extremely comfortable and casual fashion. It’s a fashion niche of its own and looks greatly effortless to adopt. 

However, carefully analyzing the details reveal that it’s a class in itself and if worn with proper combinations it can make you astound every crowd you interact with.


Historical Progression

Sporty fashion budded from the sportswear that invaded the garments industry in early 1900’s. John Redfern is thought to be the father of designer sportswear for the ‘sporty women’ of the era.  Today, his creation has shaped a fashion tribe of its own. The 1960s was the era of tracksuits, but it was not until 1970s when the sportswear entered the mainstream fashion. 


Since then almost all designers and brands like DKNY, DIOR, BOSS, GUESS, ALEXANDER WANG and many others have provided some of the nippiest contributions to this casual fashion style.


How Sporty Fashion Bonds with Colors?

Sporty fashion gives you eclectic options of colors from dark shades to soft hues, from metallic brightness to blurry leather tints, even NEO is highly recommended and adored. Whatever color you wear will receive a big YES from the sporty tribe.


Does Sporty Fashion Incline to Some Pattern?

Defining sportswear from the pattern perspective is often impossible as unlike other fashion styles sporty fashion is more of a non-fashion Fashion Style. Usual symmetrical patterns are followed with natural effects of leather and metallic suits. The shine of metallic wear and the matte by leather rules out the possibility of other fabric patterns created by wool, silk or crochet.


What are Sporty Fashion’s Adorned Shapes?

Well, the sporty tribe has shown us their strong affiliation with mosaic, check, cross, geometrical signs and even horoscope-inspired shapes. All these have been utilized to give an inspirational and dictating finish to any sporty fashion wardrobe.


Your Ultimate Guide to Wear Sporty

Have you ever thought to style yourself with your gym costume? It used to be a wild idea but not today. You can match your casual gym suits with some good collection of accessories and set any floor alight. Sporty is more of a casual fashion so wearing it to parties would be rather awkward.

With sporty fashion, the vacation and fun mode is turned on immediately. In short, we can conclude that sporty is for the fun seekers; the people who want to relish every bit of life and are ever ready for an adrenaline drive.


Have you ever thought of inducing the spice of fun in your life? If yes, then one of the best ways is to try the persuasive sports fashion with pride and carelessness.

With all the flavors it adds to your life, what’s your experience for adopting this revolutionary style?  Tell us your fashion story.


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