Guide To A Tote Gift Bag

by Abstra Styleon March 20, 2018

Whoever created the eternally elegant tote bags deserves an Oscar. This fashion item is not just a common fixture for the contemporary women but is also a multitasker in so many lovely ways. These babies come in all shapes, sizes, brands, colors, and styles, some designed to complement the urban street style woman while others are created for high-end fashion.

Whatever the case may be, 90% of the women don't leave the house without their handbags, whether as a fashion statement or item of functionality. As for the femme fatales who think that there is no better place besides being in the limelight, exquisite handbags are sure to tickle their fancies.

The best bit for adoring them so much? You can now make your gifts even more extraordinary by transforming it into a gift bag that is so practical itself, that it can give those regular gifting bags a run for the money.

More delightful than many wrapping papers, these two-in-one, super-fashionable and handy beauties are perfect for any occasion- a present that she will never forget and will use again and again for just about anything.

Here is your ultimate precious tote gift bag guide to woo her away with your unique taste and love:


What better way to bless a newlywed for their upcoming journey together than handing over a present that spruces up their style game and makes them feel special inside and out (literally)?

Grab a pretty adorned tote and fill it in with a gorgeous pair of attractively wrapped crystal-like toasting flutes for the couple to rejoice their happy moments for years to come.

You can also stuff in some pretty Bormioli Rocco double glasses or a panache cocktail pitcher set that looks so cool with their vintage tinges, wrapped beautifully with a handy recipe book, filled your family’s finest cooking secrets.

Another memorable gift idea is to fill the tote with pretty acrylic marble frame and a nice engraved serving tray or cutting board with the couple’s wedding date and last name. Heart lamp tables with pink neon lights or carved glistening metallic cursive candlesticks with lucid, aromatic candles are another splendid gift idea for the bedroom for a romantic red-district glow.

You can also fill your tote with a printed quilt for a room or a lacey throw-on blanket for lounging, something sassy and classy! If you’re a very close friend or relative of the groom or bride, gifting something sweet for the Christmas, would mean the world to the wedding couple because of no matter what time of the year they married, first Christmas together is always memorable!

Go for a nice stocking pair having their name prettily embroidered on each with a cute ornament for hanging with a bunch of striking adornments for adorning their first tree together. Make sure your tote has an intricate bunch of bright flowers decorating it and a touching hand-written card to make things dreamier and merrier.


When your friends share the thrilling news that they’re having a baby, we’re sure there are many hugs, some welcoming belly rubs and probably even a few tears of joy. So your baby gift must be just as thoughtful and lovely to should signify the same 

Celebrate the new arrival by adding a stunning Toy Barns set that comes with beaded rattles, a timeless teething toy, a pretty tiny stuffed animal toy to fill the baby with immense joy, accompanied with a nice gift card (all in the attractive tote of course) for the mom.

You can also add a clip-on pram book for decorating the pram, rich in high contrast patterns and colors, cartoons and smiley faces and accompany it with a hooded bunny towel or a pastel buggy and swaddle comfy blanket for the baby to look even more charming.

Nothing beats floral filled summery-hued totes with expensive chocolates and a blissful memory book, that includes exciting prompts saying “First Bath”, “First Smile” and pages like “Our Family Tree” with popular culture references of the baby’s date of birth and other colorful illustrations adorning it for the family to fill the child’s first word, first crawling/walking dates and other cherished moments. A sure way to bring a smile on everyone’s face as the child grows.

Another gorgeous way to please the new-mum is by planting travel-friendly body care set in the bag that comes with organic wellness tea and sprays erotic body wash, scented body butter, essential face oils and natural stretch oils for the mommy to feel fresh and glowy after all those mommy duties.

You can also add a cotton sleeping bag or knitted button booties with cute bunnies/ bears or glistening stars made on it to add to the baby’s sweetness.


Make the most of this mystic day of love and express your token of love with a passionate and well-thought-out present that celebrates your togetherness and screams how much she means to you. 

Grab a romantic jewel-toned tote and fill it with a finely packed exquisite jewelry like a quality watch with a studded dial and sophisticated bracelet/majestic statement silver earrings with a sleek multi-hued sapphire necklace or an intricate gold bangle.

Even rings accompanied with some luxe aromatic rose candles and certainly a rich bouquet in Haute pinks for her to feel pampered and shimmer through. As they say, nothing wins a woman’s heart like jewels.

Or blow your special one away with something that rejuvenates and relaxes her like a high-end vava-room perfume inside the plush tote or a romantic spa set that comes with hand cream, soothing mineral polish, essential serums, rose quartz stones and a few heart-shaped chocolates.

Include a large handmade card, decorated finely with ribbons and pretty hues, filled with memorable pictures of you two with cheesy captions, so she soars high with the amorousness in the air. You can also wrap your girl’s favorite champagne in a chic Valentine label, decorate the straps of the tote with organic flowers and enjoy your candle-lit dinner even more.

Another way to appreciate her being around is by gifting her wonderfully wrapped sexy chemise for the bed or her favorite brand’s luxurious midi-dress and an innocent love teddy inside an erotic-looking box.

You can also gift her with fine wine glasses or a royal jewelry case that has the couple’s initials and a romantic wall frame for the home with some satisfying massage oils, pleasure balms and floral decorates, all inside the lovely designer tote with a tickly feather applicator that she’ll love.


Not only do tote bags look ultra-graceful but they also make you stand-out from the rest of their polished aesthetics and appeal. With it, you can immaculately display your care for them while making them radiant and happy from within and also uber-modish.

Have a close friend’s birthday on the way? If she's a handbag-devotee, take the hint. Go for a dazzling tote with metallic or eccentric details that’ll look so flawless on your BFF and make her the talk to the town.

Totes crafted charmingly in regal shapes, and colorful accessories like statement straps or keychains are also a great gift to give to a special friend or partner that will let her charismatic aura turn heads and make her love you even more. 


Being a mum is a 24*7 job so doesn’t she deserve to be treated and feel like a true queen? Make the 13th May a day to remember with this bravura beauties-something useful and trendy that adds to her magical and lively personality. Go for furry details and sassy cuts with elegant metallic bracelet straps or adorned pieces that she can proudly show off at a formal occasion.


We know how cultured, professional and traditional work environments are and how difficult it can be to decide the right gift for your female boss as a token of appreciation post a raise or a promotion? This is where classic totes in neutral hues like black, white, brown, creams in crisp designs save the day, promoting professional work-ethos and style at the same time.


There’s no denying that chic totes have the capability of transforming your looks several notches up and make your glam game stronger and the mood so much lighter so why not gift a gorgeous one to yourself? Trust us ladies, these gorgeous and erudite babies are enough to do all the talking and for you to shine in all directions. 

Ready to attract your special ones away with this fabulous tote gift guide and make your relationship even more enchanted? Check out Abstra tote collection to find the perfect style for the ideal tote gift bag!


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