The Complete Guide To Matching Your Outfits Colors.

by Abstra Styleon March 05, 2018
Colors happen to be one of the most critical aspects of our life, and they incorporate a deep psychological impression. For instance, when a girl is born, she is usually wrapped in a pink dress while blue is preferred for boys. This is not a hard and fast rule, but it proves the importance of colors in our life. It does not only determine a fashion trend but plays a pivotal role to mark your identity as well (we will explore it later in the article).

Let it be the powerful feeling of masculinity or femininity; colors possess the power to stir all kinds of emotions. Therefore their significance in fashion trend is undeniable. Robust dressing decisions do not make the only dish out your influence, but they also make you feel competent and confident about your personality.

Let us have a look at an array of factors associated with the importance of colors in the fashion industry.

Color Combinations Concerning The Environment

Color combinations and preferences tend to vary concerning the situation, and if you do not adapt to these changes, you would sound outdated. For instance, if we talk about scorching heat, it would be lame to wear jet black outfit.

Following is a list of seasons for you to be more accustomed to:

  • Light spring

  • Clear Spring

  • Warm spring

  • Bright summer

  • Soft summer

  • Cool summer

  • Deep autumn

  • Mild autumn

  • Warm autumn

  • Deep winter

  • Clear winter

  • Cool winter

So, it is quite evident that even the broader categories of significant seasons are broken down into multiple subcategories. These are often ignored, but if you genuinely want to have the crispiest and most up to date dressing, then you must entertain each variant of the season. Effect of season on the colors we wear.

Just to give you a rough idea, let us take deep autumn as an example to demonstrate the power of colors in specific seasons. In such an environment, if we talk about the skin appearance (or makeup to be more accurate), it is good to go for a beige or golden brown color. Taking eyes into account, dark green, dark hazel and dark brown would serve the purpose decently.

Hair plays a pivotal role in defining your aura, and you must pay keen attention to them. Therefore, to keep an in-phase contrast with the rest of your face, go for any color variant from medium brown and deep auburn to chestnut. It is not wrong to have black hair, but that is so mainstream, that is why I prefer other colors. But it is perfectly fine if you want to go that way.

This example does not mean that you are bound or forced to use these colors in the season above. In fact, in this vast niche, there is not any rule, and you are encouraged to introduce your combinations as well.

With that being said for makeup and hair, we should now pay some attention to apparel as well. For the season mentioned above, you could go for purple variants, peach, deep red, lime bronze, salmon pink, cerulean, marigold, jade or any such color that runs well with your makeup.

Once again, there is no need to be so religious about it; it just aims to give you a rough idea. As of now, you must have a rough idea of color combinations. You should try more colors according to your skin tone and season to realize what works best in your case, for particular environments and seasons
Every season has a certain level of vibrancy.

Therefore, it is essential that the colors you wear and the makeup you perform on your skin, harmonize perfectly with the ‘feel' of every season. It does not only prove that you possess a keen fashion sense, but it would also maintain your confidence and you would feel like an integral part of the environment.

Now, this is very important, because a lot of times, I have noticed people wearing shiny black color with the darkest makeup ever in extreme weather and that is when they start feeling uncomfortable the moment they face the public.

Color Perception And Personality Psychology.

Before explicitly talking about the fashion industry, let us examine a real-world example to have a better look at what it means. See, have you ever been in a bright yellow or even a yellow room? What did you feel? Well, I am sure you must have felt anxious as compared to a room with blue walls since it propels the emotions of calmness within an individual.

With that in mind, it is pretty logical to say that colors offer a profound effect on the psychology and perception of almost everyone.

The Psychological Effect

Have you ever thought that why and how does color happen to be such a dominant element in your life? Well, it should be noted that in the majority of the cases, the interpretations of colors are dependent on the very situation and the general perception about the color. However, there are specific colors in the spectrum range that are regarded as Universal.

For instance, if we talk about different color variants lying in the red portion of the spectrum, they are quite well recognized to promote the feelings of comfort and warmth. This is the very reason why red-colored apparel (or other dark colors) is preferred at night parties. Contrary to this, if we talk about the ‘cool’ and friendly colors, green, shades of blue and purple are preferred.

However, it should be noted that if you wear these colors, then in some situations and environments, they may even dispense different feelings based on the shade you wear.

Apart from these two, black happens to be yet another widely used color in the fashion industry. Once again, its usage is attached to the situation and culture of the society. However, it mainly reflects a sophisticated and formal character of an individual.

Nowadays, brands are focusing more on specific age groups and niches. For instance, Louis Vuitton boutiques offer a great deal of collection, but party wear is their primary domain. If you follow the brand, you must have noticed that apart from a lot of other colors, they use white, grey, golden and black more frequently. Brands do not only follow color trends to increase their customer base, but it is also a way to exist distinguishably in the market.

In the majority of the studies, it has also been found that cultural perceptions have a significant influence on the colors we wear. For instance, in some countries, their cultures define the degree of appropriateness for color options belonging to men and women.

This ultimately leads to specific color choices regarding apparel, jewelry, and accessories as well. I mean how many times have you seen a male carrying a pink wallet or shocking pink jacket? Please note that it does not mean I am favoring any stereotyping or restrictions set by certain societies.

This article merely aims to update your knowledge regarding the selection and preference of colors in different variants of the World, depending on an array of factors including society, weather and general perception as well.

Basic Of Colors Schemes Theory

Often, people throw off a simple question that gets very difficult to answer due to lack of knowledge. Even you might have thought about it at some stage. It should be noted that you never ‘randomly’ choose a color or color combination in fashion industry if you want to look appealing.

Until now, you must have realized that colors play a pivotal role to set the mood of the audience. Therefore, you could also use colors in fashion to energize the public, especially if you happen to be a celebrity.

The color wheel

If you are unsure about the color you want to wear, there is an array of tools on the internet, working on the principle of a color wheel. These tools are there to let you populate colors on a bigger screen and even on a dummy fabric on the screen so you could have an idea about the color before going to buy. This is particularly very important if you plan to hit the bigger stage and you have to be overly cautious about the fashion sense.


It is worth noticing that the color wheel allows you to choose from millions of colors. You have the liberty to choose any color virtually. However, there are certain combinations that look pleasing to the human eye, and these are known as color harmonies.

Tint, Tone, and Shade

Well, these terms are often misused or somewhat misunderstood. Let us shed some light on the underlying meanings of these terms so you could have a better idea while developing your colors as well.

If you add white in any color, it fades depending on the intensity of white color we add. This is called tinting. Moreover, if we merge gray with a color, the resultant is known as tone, and for obtaining a shade, we need to add black.

Complementary Colors

If you look at the word carefully, it says everything about the colors this category possesses. Complementary colors are the exact opposite of each other. One of the best ways to understand complementary colors is by taking the example of green and red.

These colors are indeed quite vibrant and compelling because of their high contrast ratio. That is one of the reasons why black and white apparel sound so appealing. So is the case with yellow and green, provided that you do not wear parrot green and shocking pink.

Analogous Colors

Remember the color wheel we discussed just at the beginning of this section? Please have a quick look at it first, because analogous colors are present right next to each other on that wheel. If you are looking for a comfortable, cozy, yet a serene feel, here you go! An excellent proof of this fact is that Analogous colors are mostly found in nature, and they happen to be pleasing to the human eye.

But please be advised to use enough contrast so that the colors look good and prominent as well. A decent idea in this regard is to select three colors. Use one of them to dominate the second one to support the primary color and the thing one can be used to define an accent.

Triadic Colors


So you must have realized the importance of color wheel in the fashion industry now. Looking at it from that perspective and to explain it in a better way, this scheme refers to the colors that are equally spaced all across the well.
These colors are typically good for pale individuals, since giving such a vibrant definition to your personality would add a glamorous touch to your character.

To use a perfect combination, in this case, the colors you intend to choose must be balanced, and it means that one color should be dominant other the remaining two accents.

Monochromatic Colors

As simple as it may seem, an outfit of monochromatic color would typically nest different pieces of cloth, all belonging to the same color.
Wait! It does not mean that you just have to use black all over the dress. It only implies that you are restricted to make use of the shades of your primary color. For instance, if you chose black, then make sure that you only incorporate its tones.

Reviewing Different Colors

The fashion industry is worth more than one and a half trillion dollars. In this rich economy, even the choices such as dating, hiring and initiating friendships depends heavily on the clothing you opt for. Since color happens to be a whole part of your apparel, we have dedicated an entire section to reviewing different colors so you may have a decent idea of choosing the best one for yourself.


Here comes the king of bright colors, especially if you are walking on a ramp. If we talk about the CK, Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford runways for the recent fashion shows, bright orange color prevailed, just as the one you have seen on traffic cones.

It is not that this robust color came up for the first time, but such a remarkable and appreciated comeback sounds quite overwhelming. It implies that the public still loves this color and wherever you wear it, you would manage to be the focal point since orange demands attention.

For a lot of people, an alternative to orange could be the lime punch. Well, it is a variant of yellow, and even though its usage depends on the environment, you are exposing yourself to. It must be noted that the feelings and impressions it unleashed include sharp appearance together with a demanding presence.
Wear a lime punch or orange dress once you are out in the open, enjoying the pleasant weather.


Well, I won’t argue on the fact that it is relatively dull and light color, but if you manage to wear it the right way, then it should be noted that lavender is one of the most important colors in street style crowd.

In the recent spring, a couple of designers, including Michael Kors as well, trialed lavender together with some other color to unleash a fresh look, and to a great extent, they managed to do so. If you prefer light colors, happen to be rough and tight, and at the same time, you are keen to experiment an array of colors, then you might want to try mint and lavender together. This is being regarded as quite an ecstatic combination.

In the recent years, the use of pink lavender has grown tremendously, especially among the couples and the credit goes to its romantic colors that soothe our eyes. The soothing sensation is yet another feeling to appreciate as an advantage of pink lavender.


The overwhelming hype for millennial pink has faded with the passage of time. However, if we talk about this color, it has been in the play for quite some time, and it is not going to run off from the competition either. When some of the well-renowned fashion designers such Prabal Gurung and Tom Ford have captured an array of eyeballs with their exquisite collection, who are we to challenge the potential of pink?

We have already discussed above regarding pink, but I would like to suggest you something here, gaining from what I have seen in the New York Fashion Week. Do not forget to dry darker colors with pinks, such as black or red. But please note when you wear an outfit featuring red or pink color, then the necessity to carry required accessories with appropriate colors accelerates dramatically.

Warm Sand

I expect that most of you have never heard of this color before, but allow me to bet that you all have seen it somehow or the other. It is a very neutral and unisex color that allows everyone to combine all kinds of color variations with an array of seasons.


For instance, if you want to wear it with black or you desire to go for lavender with warm sand, do not worry; you won’t appear to be a joker. All you need to do is to carry the dress in a decent yet attractive manner so that regardless of the light tone of the color, people do notice your calm presence.

You guys must have been freaking for why I did not mention some of the most important or somewhat celebrated colors in the fashion industry, such as black or navy blue. Well, the reason is pretty straightforward. Even if someone does not tell us about the updates fashion trends.

We are probably going to wear these dark colors because they go with almost all types of colors. For instance, you could wear black with all of them and same is the case with navy blue. Apart from the fact that navy blue will look even better on lavender.

Color schemes

Coupling different colors are great art, and not everybody has this creativity. It could either embellish your aura or wreck your image. Therefore, before you start making your own choices, we will guide you through a few preexisting color schemes to give you a brief idea.

Green and Yellow

When a dress dishes out the sheer crispiness of and the smell of freshly cut grass and that too on a warm summer day, it makes your eyes go crazy to see that person over and over again. One of the most significant perks of this combination is that it works on most of the complexions, especially if you are slightly warmed toned. However, if you have a cool tone, then you should brighten it up.

Red and Blue

All you need is a pair of jeans with a red jacket and heels to rock up the audience. Whether you are off on a business trip or just a casual party, this inexpensive combination is there to make you the lady of the day. One of the primary features that I like about this combo is its ability to embellish the aura of an individual.

Cobalt Blue and Turquoise

This is the perfect combination, mainly if you are on vacation. It does not only sharpen up your look but offers a complete classy package to add a wealth of elegance to your dressing. Do not hesitate to wear either gold or silver accessories. This magic combo works with both of them.

If you want to take it a step ahead, do not forget to wear a casual flat turquoise to make everyone look at you from top to bottom.


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