Okay, we get it. Sometimes the only way to fit in with the ‘in’ crowd is to have brand name accessories. It’s all related to peer pressure. The girls with influence all have them.

If you ever want to rub shoulders with any of those girls, you have to fit in and fitting in often means something made from leather or fur or some other material that looks better on the animal it came from. 

However, there is another way to fit in that doesn’t involve animal cruelty or paying big bucks to the large corporations with the major brand names.

We are talking about printed canvas tote bags. Sure, you may not be convinced at this moment but let’s take a look at some reasons why you should try to avoid using leather or fur products to get noticed.

It’s A Money Making Business

Sadly, fur and leather are expensive to work with. There are many costs involved after the products have been ‘harvested’ and they are far from being a waste product.

Leather and fur are commodities that have values that fluctuate with the market much as oil does in response to supply and demand. The rarer the animal, the more expensive the product is to buy.

These great extras get passed down to the consumer. In contrast, sharp looking canvas printed tote bags are far less costly to produce and that saving gets passed on to the consumer.

It’s Not A Meat Industry By Product

Regardless of what you have read or been told, leather and fur are not the ‘leftovers’ following the ‘harvest’ of these animals for meat.

The garment industry is entirely different, and with the demand for name brand animal leather bags and clothing with both leather and fur, animals are used just for their skin. Sadly, that means the meat, in this case, is wasted.

It’s Not Good For The Tanners

Leather typically requires tanning before it can be manufactured into a product. The chemicals used in this process include ones with names the average person could not pronounce. Even the easy ones are harmful.

In fact, all the chemicals used in the tanning process are harmful to the health of those doing the tanning. As it turns out, the average tanner develops some rather nasty chronic conditions after years of tanning. Some of them die from these ailments.

It’s Not Pleather

There are some alternatives to leather and fur that are far less costly to produce and purchase. For example, if you just can’t get away from wearing leather or fur because you fear being shunned by the ‘in’ crowd, you do have an option.

You’ve heard of fake jewelry, right? Well, you could support the synthetic leather industry and be able to sleep at night knowing no animals were harmed in the production of your jacket, shoes, vehicle upholstery and furniture.

There’s also faux fur that will still cause people to take a second look at your lovely wife only there won’t be any guilt hanging around her for choosing such a beautiful stole or jacket or hat or boots that don’t have a single bit of animal fur in them.

It’s Not Easy To Biodegrade

Let’s face it. We live in a disposable world filled with landfill sites near or over capacity. Leather and fur products have to be treated in such a way that makes them last a long time. The processes used to ensure that these animal skins last a very, very long time.

So long in fact, that they take longer to break down that the average rock, plastic bag or rap record. If you have any concern for the environment, this should get your attention.

It’s Not Nearly As Nasty 

 Okay, we were trying to avoid ‘going there’ but the process used in ‘harvesting’ leather and fur is just not very nice. It’s cruel. It’s nasty. If you were able to imagine the worst possible thing in your mind that could be related to this, you still wouldn’t be very close to how horrible it is.

Now that we have that out of our system let’s look at something more positive. You don’t need to have the brand name leather or fur products. It’s all part of a façade that just feeds those major corporations more money. How would you like to keep more of your own money in your pocket? That’s easy. Don’t buy leather or fur.

Where Are We Going With This?

We are big supporters of the eco-friendly approach to living. Without taking care of the environment and not adding to the pollution and waste that can result from the leather and fur industry we are speaking out about animal rights.

Beyond that, we need to live with our decisions and buying canvas printed tote bags instead of leather ones is a decision we can live with. We are pretty sure it’s the same kind of choice that would make you feel a little better as well.

Seek Alternatives And Stop The Slaughter!

There it is. That’s our point in six words. There are alternatives that are not only cheaper to manufacture and purchase, but they are also durable. They are good for the environment. They satisfy our need to recycle and protect the planet for whoever gets it once we are done.

We’re not saying you should just throw away all your leather and fur products just because we said it would be a good thing to do.

We are just saying that the next time you feel the urge to add another animal leather bag to your collection, consider looking at the alternatives. Canvas tote bags are attractive. The all-over print tote bags are stunning.

With the right ones, you could end up starting a new trend within your circle of influence. We know some cows and mink who would love you for it.