Happy New Year!

We bet you probably did the same thing as most everyone else does at this time of year, made some New Year’s Resolutions. You know, those are the little promises you make to change something about yourself or a habit that you have. The most common ones are typically health-related.

I’m going to stop smoking.

I’m going to start eating healthier.

I’m going to join a gym.

These are all great ideas and plans, but they don’t always work out as we had hoped. Sometimes we just can’t make the change, and after struggling for the first couple or more weeks in the New Year, we give up. We go back to smoking or eating the wrong foods or quit going to the gym altogether because it’s so hard to make such massive changes in our lives.

However, that is not precisely true.

If we use the New Year as a reason to make a small change, it will lead to more significant changes and the more small changes you make, the easier it is not to fall back and break those resolutions.

One such little change can come about from just what you wear and the products you use. For example, it would be easier to make a resolution to use a different product or wear a different kind of clothing than it is to stop smoking or eat healthier.

That doesn’t mean we don’t think it’s a good idea to stop smoking or eat healthier meals. 
The point we are making is that those are significant changes and therefore, they are more difficult to achieve. 

Here’s a great idea to start the New Year off with. Why not replace your old, worn out tote bag with something new? It is the New Year after all. It could be your New Year’s Resolution.

I’m going to change totes this year.

Think about that for a moment. By making a small change like this, you will not only brighten up the things you carry in that new tote; you’ll be comfortable enough to take your new tote anywhere. It can be used at home, work or wherever because it’s a brand new tote.

Plus, because it’s a New Year you can step outside of the ordinary and purchase a brand new, chic, fashionable and affordable canvas tote. There are so many new designs and patterns to choose from; you will probably want to get more than one to start your New Year with.

Also, let’s take another look at the old tote you’ve been carrying around for the past year and more. Don’t you want to start the New Year fresh? Get rid of that old, faded tote. That’s so last year. It’s time to move forward and grab onto a new, fancy looking tote that will make your old, cheap one look out-of-date and out of style.


Speaking of style.

Speaking of style, you have so many options available to you this New Year. They include new innovative and creative styles and designs. You won’t have to worry about the embarrassment that followed you around with that old tote bag.

You can walk proudly and carry your items firmly with one of the newly designed canvas tote bags. They take tote bags to an extremely different level altogether. Think of all-over print totes as a wrap-around design, picture, visual or message that covers your new tote and gives it personality.

Where your old last year’s tote did the job it was designed to do; it did it as a tote with no character. The new designs will blow you and your friends away. In fact, you could be responsible for starting a New Year’s trend within your circle of friends.

It’s not just a carrying bag. It’s a brand new, innovative designed canvas tote bag. Remember, it’s a New Year, and you don’t need to resolve January 1st when you can make a bold, new statement with a resolution anytime this month.

I’m going to get rid of my old tote and buy a new one.

Can you imagine how much easier that is going to be compared to stopping smoking or eating healthier or joining a gym? Buying a new tote is not only an easy habit to start, but it’ll also give you a good reason to toss away the old tote.

You’ve heard the saying, out with the old and in with the new? Well, that is what you are doing with your tote bag New Year’s Resolution. It’s a small step, but it will have a bigger impact once you start to be seen with your brand new, fashionable and affordable new tote.

Plus, with the innovative all-over print tote design, you’ll have a tote that won’t look like one. Talk about having your very own personal secret weapon when you are out shopping.

So, it’s not a bad thing to not be able to complete your New Year’s Resolutions when they are hard ones in the first place. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try any of them at all. Maybe try something a little easier and work your way up.

A new beginning

This year, why not start the New Year with a new canvas all-over print tote? Once you get used to it, you can add another and another. And if you want to stop smoking, you will be able to because you started small and worked your way up to bigger resolutions.

Eventually, you’ll be eating healthier and going to the gym. Only now you’ll have a great looking new tote to carry your workout clothing in. 
Celebrate the New Year by doing something new but just for you.