Our Concept

Abstra was born out of a desire to create a unique style of tote bag, one with elegant design, but made of durable and environmentally-friendly materials of very high quality while at the same time selling at a reasonable price so that the majority of people who enjoy carrying fashionable bags could afford one without breaking their budget. 

The word Abstra is derived from "Abstract Art" as our designs are mostly inspired by abstract shapes, colors, and style.


Founder Nour Boustani and Co-founder Erica Wong

Our Location

Our headquarters is located in Shanghai, and all design decisions are made there. To guarantee and maintain a high-quality product and a fast worldwide delivery, Abstra outsources the manufacturing and shipping processes to a top-rated manufacturing partner, that is located in both the United States and Europe, where your bag is crafted and then shipped right to your door.

Our Products

To satisfy the differing needs of our customers, we focus our designs on a variety of styles appropriate to different occasions and environments.

Abstra Style  Tote Bags

Define Your Style


  • Colorful and energetic: 
    Vibrant and eye-catching colors combined with energetic shapes; this collection reflects a sense of energy, creativity, and excitement. This collection fits perfectly with activities such as attending a party, beach activities, a gym workout, sports activities and traveling. Browse the collection

  • Minimal and elegant: 
    Designed to look chic and elegant, combining simple and minimal shapes with neutral colors that are relaxing to the eye. This collection should fit perfectly with your everyday activities and style such as work time, shopping, walking and attending casual meetings. Brows the collection


Our Goal 

We strive to create and design awesome looking tote bags, making it more feasible for you to enjoy different styles without breaking the budget.

Providing a wide variety of chic, energetic and elegant collections that bring beauty and style into your daily life.

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